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Tips on Buying


Click here for tips on buying second hand tramps


Big is best in trampolines. Big is safer - and more fun!

Children love bouncing on trampolines - it's fun, burns off energy and keeps them fit. But they need room on a tramp to jump safely, and quality safety pads as a buffer around the edges.

A trampoline with a frame size of 3.8m x 2.5m or larger is best - there is plenty of room for the sort of energetic activity children get up to.

Rectangular trampolines give the best bounce and control; that's why all competitive tramps are rectangular.


Round pipe can bend and flex; box section steel frames are stronger and by far the best option. A hot-dip galvanised finish will make the frame last for years, and help prevent corrosion which could weaken the frame.

Look for a tramp with four 'V' shaped legs as they give the best stability.

Be wary of trampolines that have a weight restriction. When you bounce you can double or even treble your bodyweight when you impact the mat.


Quality trampolines will have 250mm (10") springs (measured when relaxed, off the tramp).

The smaller 180mm (7") springs found on smaller, round-pipe frames will permanently stretch over time, especially if used by a larger child or adult, reducing the tramp's bounce. (And we can almost guarantee that adults will have a bounce when no-one is looking - tramps are fun!)


Trampolining as a sport is always done on a rectangular trampoline. We recommend this shape.

Safety Pads

These are essential for all trampolines; we strongly recommend them.

Look for pads that have a good thickness and are covered with a waterproof, heavy UV-resistant PVC fabric on top, with an open-weave mesh underneath to allow the foam to breathe and any moisture to freely drain away. Pads entirely covered in mesh mean soggy knees and bottoms when climbing onto the tramp.

Most trampolines do not have corner springs. Safety pads should not extend over this area as they have no support and would simply be hiding a 'hole' and would collapse if a child sat or stood there. Elbow-shaped corner pads which cover the frame only are suitable for box-section steel frames.

If the trampoline has corner springs the pads can extend over the corner while being fully supported. These are the premium pads, and eliminate the need for separate corner pads.

In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are now an option in New Zealand. These trampolines are arguably safer than above ground trampolines as there is no height to fall from. Click here for information on in-ground trampolines.


We don't recommend ladders - they make it too easy for little children to climb onto the tramp. If a child is too small to get on a trampoline unaided, they should not be on it unsupervised.


Warranties can vary considerably. If buying new, trampolines should have a comprehensive warranty, and the galvaniser should also provide a warranty.

Our Opinion

We like the quality of Gymleader trampolines, recommend them and are proud to sell them. We now are also able to offer in-ground trampolines - these Capital Play trampolines are a high quality trampoline, designed and manufactured in Europe.

Through field testing and 20 years of personal experience with all types, brands and sizes of trampolines, we know that a strong, good-sized quality trampoline will give you more years of use, more safety, and more fun.



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