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Replacement Safety Pads


If you know the make, model and size of your trampoline, simply telephone us with the details so we can make your new safety pads.

If you don't know the above, you will need to measure your trampoline. Click here for a printable guide on how to measure your trampoline for new safety pads.

Safety pads do not extend over the corner areas when there are no springs to support the pad; if they did they would simply be hiding a 'hole' which would collapse if a child sat or stood there. Elbow-shaped corner pads ($95) that cover the frame only in the corner are available for large trampolines.

The trampolines we sell new do have corner springs, and we can extend the pads over the corner safely. These pads are, however, more expensive.

Safety Pads for rectangular trampolines usually range in price from $155.00 for smaller tramps to $285.00 for larger models. Circular and rectangular safety pads are usually around $330 to $350. Phone us and we can quote over the phone.

Colour Choice

Safety pads are available in two colours (please use colour swatches as an indication only):

Royal Blue
A lovely rich royal blue about the same colour as BNZ blue.
Forest Green
Our most popular colour, it blends in well in a garden setting.


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